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Welcome to PhonoLand.Com, where worldwide collectors meet! This website is created by antiques collectors, and mainly consists of the collectors forum that focuses on a wide range of vintage & antique collectibles such as acoustic gramophones, phonographs, 78/45 rpm & cylinder records, jukeboxes, antique radios, and much more!

The forum is an area where collectors can exchange messages, even private ones (if registered). There is a special area for classifieds (both a for sale and a wanted area) where people can post messages if they are looking to buy, sell or trade an item. If you are looking to buy a gramophone for example, the “for sale” category would be a good place to visit. Perhaps another visitor is selling the gramophones you are looking for! If you have a question about a technical issue with a vintage device or just want to chat about antiques, simply select the appropriate category and start posting!

Creating an account on the forum is free. However, we don’t require registration for reading messages on the forum. For posting, unfortunately we have reinitiated the requirement to register in an attempt to keep spammers outside. Registration has many advantages, including: exchanging personal messages through our message board, receiving alerts whenever somebody replies to your topic, email topics to friends and a special print lay-out to print topics.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website!

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